Meillo's Crux Ports

You can access the repository via httpup. Copy the repo config file meillo.httpup to /etc/ports and run `ports -u'.

PortP F MVersionDescriptionLast modified
acpiP F M1.6-1Shows battery status and other ACPI information2012-05-20
byaccP F M20101229-1Berkeley yacc2011-09-06
colordiffP F M1.0.9-1Tool to colorize diff output2011-09-05
cplayP F M1.49-2A curses front-end for various audio players2012-05-20
dictionP F M1.11-2The style and diction programs to analyse text quality2012-05-20
ex-viP F M050325-2The traditional vi, with UTF-8 support2012-01-18
fbidaP F M2.08-2Image and pdf viewer for framebuffer2011-09-06
fdupesP F M1.40-1Scans directories for duplicate files based on MD5sum.2012-01-18
graphvizP F M2.28.0-1An Open Source Graph Visualization Software2012-05-20
heirloom-doctoolsP F M080407-2Enhanced troff/nroff replacements2011-09-21
heirloom-edP F M0.1-1Standalone version of Heirloom ed2011-09-08
hg-gitP F M0.2.6-1Mercurial plugin to push to and pull from a git server2011-09-08
mp3infoP F M0.8.5a-1An MP3 technical info viewer and ID3 1.x tag editor2012-01-14
python-dulwichP F M0.8.0-1Pure-python implementation of the git file formats and protocols2011-09-08
rsstailP F M1.7-1Console Based RSS news reader2011-09-06
slockP F M0.9-2Simple X display locker2011-09-06
sxivP F M0.8.1-1Simple (or small or suckless) X Image Viewer2011-09-05

17 ports

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